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View Diary: Nurse Kelley Sez:  Racism and rightwing radicalism (123 comments)

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  •  it's scary out there (7+ / 0-)

    after i saw this report in January, "White Power USA," on Al Jeezra, i wrote a comment on it

    2 journalists went inside "White Power" groups and posted their video/story on Jan 6, 2010.    It mentions  the Tea Party movement (at the 14:30 mark) and membership the Council of Concerned Citizens (at the 16:42 mark) -- both groups prominent in my state of South Carolina.  They found these groups want to become more mainstream - and found their way into it.

    Leonard Zeskind's book, mentioned in the video:

    "Blood and Politics"

    He spoke about the tactics the white supremacists use to recruit.  It struck a nerve:  When Rep Joe Wilson came out to speak at a rally in my town over the 2009 summer recess, a group distributed a pamphlet on the "dangerous Jews" taking over our country.  ( a copy of that pamphlet has been saved.)

    Here's more on Zeskind:

    Tea Parties, Race, Republicans, and the Opposition to Obama
    by Leonard Zeskind

          ...Although race is at its core, this new movement has so far not declared itself explicitly and self-consciously racist. However, some white nationalist organizations and individuals have decided to change all that by trying to turn these melanin-deprived protests into a recruiting zone.

          In this regard, national socialists and others created a discussion thread on the Stormfront website, calling for a Tea Party for Americans Coalition. "We need a relevant transitional envelop-pushing flyer for the masses. Take these Tea Party Americans by the hand and help them go from crawling to standing independently and then walking towards racialism," one post argued.


          Something new is developing, the ultimate shape of which has not yet been established. It looks now like an opposition "bloc," with many different political elements: ultra-conservative Republicans of both the Pat Buchanan and free market variety; anti-tax Tea Party libertarians from the Ron Paul camp; Christian right activists intent on re-molding the country into their kind of Kingdom; birth certificate conspiracy theorists, anti-immigrant nativists of the armed Minuteman and the policy wonk variety; third party "constitutionalists;" and white nationalists of both the citizens councils and the Stormfront national socialist variety. ...

    Leonard Zeskind’s book:
    Blood and Politics ( with a 30 min interview)
    and a Q & A with author here:

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