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  •  $2k for hard-to-staff schools (8+ / 0-)

    My district offers a $2k/year incentive to teachers who teach in "hard-to-staff" schools. The schools with 75%+ free lunch kids, the schools that are in "Program Improvement" due to low test scores, the schools where all your curriculum is scripted and handed to you and you give even more tests and report the scores to prove that you are following the district's pacing guides. The schools where district admins periodically do walk-throughs to make sure you've got the right things hanging on your "focus walls". The schools where Kindergarten is so rigorous there's no time in the day for free play periods.

    It's no surprise that the $2k hasn't convinced anyone to transfer to these schools. The awful irony is that because they are staffed by so many low-seniority teachers, as many as 67% of the teaching staffs at these schools received layoff notices in March.

    If you really want to attract and retain teachers, first stop threatening their careers with layoffs every year. And give them some measure of control over how to perform their jobs.

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