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  •  The American people are so... (13+ / 0-)

    misinformed/stupid/ignorant.  Like I noted the other day, check out the immigration poll results from the CBS/NYT poll.

    Three quarters said that, over all, illegal immigrants were a drain on the economy because they did not all pay taxes but used public services like hospitals and schools. Nearly 2 in 10 said the immigrants strengthened the economy by providing low-cost labor and buying goods and services, a chief argument among many of their advocates.

    "I do think the federal government should deal with it, because illegal immigrants don’t pay taxes and don’t contribute to our government," said Deborah Adams, 53, a Democrat from Ephrata, Pa., and a paramedic who called the Arizona law a "necessary evil."

    "They take jobs from American citizens who need to work and pay into Social Security," Ms. Adams said.

    In fact, many illegal immigrants do pay taxes into the Social Security system, but never see a return on their contributions.

    What is more or less the position on DailyKos on what immigrants (legal and illegal) do for our economy is supported by less than 20% of the American people.  Think about that, folks.  We have a LOT of people to convince and show the facts to.  Not just a majority, not even just a supermajority, but a whopping 75% of Americans WRONGLY think illegal immigrants don't pay ANY taxes!  There is a HUGE disconnect between what Americans think on immigration, and the TRUTH.

    And frankly, right now, the traditional media is NOT educating them on the truth.  And if anyone thinks Obama can just mention how they do pay taxes on a daily basis, and then have a majority of the people then believe it to actually be true, you're delusional.  With an educated electorate, maybe.  But as Bill Maher says, the American people as a whole are pretty stupid.

    Oh, and even if we tackle immigration reform and get something passed into law, after seeing the stagnant enthusiasm numbers even after the health care bill became law, I'm now much more skeptical the enthusiasm numbers will go our way even with immigration reform.  And given how bad the numbers look right now, all it takes is a little race-baiting from Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, and just watch support for ANY immigration reform bill plummet into the 30s.

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