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  •  NEWS CORP/FAUX/MURDOCH research/ideas: (0+ / 0-)

    A useful comment from an exchange with Unenergy:

    Here's where I would start and then repeat this over and over :
    Build a map of Murdoch's network - his influence, where his assets are, how many papers he has, how many readers in each area, how many radio and TV assets, and make a special effort to look backwards at long formed alliances with organizations, individuals who also own media assets and play the same game.
    If you look at Australia for instance, not only does News Ltd own most of the daily newspapers, but it owns a large percentage of its only competitor, and in a state where it has few assets, Murdoch was instrumental in assisting another ideologue who owns much of the newspapers there (and a national TV station) establish his newspaper base.

    Anyone who is genuinely concerned about 'Big Brother' or One World Government or media manipulation of the masses needs to be able to see how and who exactly is doing just that.

    Whenever people like O'Reilly or the rest of the Fox crew put themselves on some sort of pedestal for ratings, it should be stressed that before Fox, never did a cable news outlet have to buy it's audience.

       To accelerate its adoption by cable companies, Fox News paid systems up to $11 per subscriber to distribute the channel.

    Remind people over and over again that Rupert Murdoch is a citizen of convenience, an Australian who changed nationality to come in and mess with the body politic in the USA.
    That the second largest owner of News Corp is a Saudi Arabian. In other words ownership of the organization is by foreign born individuals.
    That Fox gave you witch hunts and trivialities in your national politics when Bill Clinton was President
    That they gave you George W Bush, twice
    That they made sure the world went to war with Iraq.
    There are others, too numerous to mention

    I think if a map of News Ltd assets and thus influence were widely distributed, all the pretentiousness of the anchors about some massive left-wing media conspiracy can be laid to rest.
    As they always do, Fox accuses their opponents of doing that which they are doing.

    I think this could a great sub-group for mediaKos. I want to talk to KingOneEye for input and cooperation, as I'd like to see his blog get even more exposure. He's got a wealth of information already.

    Feel free to discuss and add ideas here.

    There is no more important struggle for American democracy than ensuring a diverse, independent and free media. - Bill Moyers

    by StepLeftStepForward on Sat Jul 24, 2010 at 05:06:33 AM PDT

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