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  •  With all due respect ... (none)
    Zangas was MURDERED and his crimes were compassion and help.

    Yes, he may have been evil enougn to want to help this part of the recently  and former Ottoman- Byzantine Empire out of the 14th century.

    Naive, yes! Grounds for murder?

    Boy, I sure don't want to live at your house. Or intellectual community.

    Now, about the assasins.


    •  I guess we disagree (none)
      But for the record, I think his murder was abhorrent. He clearly was working with the best intentions and I commend him for his big heart.

      I am sorry if I offended you or made you think that I feel his murder was in any way justified. I merely thought that the details of his blog entries were a way to open up a discussion on the how the West can best help needy societies such as Iraq in a way that is mindful of their specific culture. Not sure I understand your 'assasins' reference though.

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