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View Diary: Why are the Democrats Missing Opportunities? (NM-2) (37 comments)

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    of what the strategies of the main campaign will be in the late summer running up to November.

    One of the GREAT advantages that the Bush Campaign had in 2004 was watching the Democrats running for the nomination from as early as 2002.

    Their campaign analysts got the chance to watch ALL of the candidates in action, and knew EXACTLY what kinds of punches the Democratic Party wouldbe throwing at the Republican PArty come November 2002.

    SO give them NOTHING now, if it means not actively fighting for a few seats that would be close raves now, in order to NNOT show your hand for those things you have a better shot at.

    It would be foolish to fight for a few seats early and so tip your hand for the main fight. while the Republicans sho nothhing that is not known by the Democrats now

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