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View Diary: Why are the Democrats Missing Opportunities? (NM-2) (37 comments)

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    NM-2 is written off to Republicans, NM-3 is written off to the Democrats, and NM-1 is made a high-profile swing district. Bush got more the 59% in NM-2, and Pierce has a fair amount of imcumbemcy with him. There's no reall way to seriously challenge the district, especially with limited resources. Don't complain about it. It's impracitcal and would be a waste of money to devote a great deal of resources there. Let Dean do it. the DCCC cannot seriously target every district. It should target the swing districts, the scandolized incumbents, and the open seats. Beyond that it's too impratical and plain stupid to challenge safe seats. Yeah, maybe putting a hundred thousand dollars in, and making the Republican spend mroe depletes there resources, but ours too. It's a win and lose situation.

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