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  •  It's OUR science (0+ / 0-)

    This information was bought and paid for with our tax dollars. It belongs to everyone. Citizens, grops and businesses can use the information to prepare for the future, take preventative measures if appropriate, and even make investment decisions.  Imagine for example that the video briefing of Bush to prepare for Katrina had been public; people in the area would know to evacuate, businesses would know to secure their premises, safety officers would know to mobilize. I read of a businesses that had alternative housing that would have been cheaper and faster then the trailers but there was no notice that it was needed.

    This administration doesn't supply facts and chose a conclusion and emphasize the acts that supported the decision.  Bush and company suppress facts unless they support the preordained conclusion and lie about the significance of the facts that are revealed. But this science belongs to all of us.

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