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View Diary: Fitz WAS NOT spanked.. IS a GENIUS! (156 comments)

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  •  America needs this genius prosecutor (3+ / 0-)
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    Heimyankel, Creosote, Jlukes

    When going up against this administration and their ability to evade, subvert, manipulate and withhold information at whim, a simply honest prosecutor with a full plate of other cases and a small team wouldn't amount to a hill of beans against this crazy-smart, mix of multiple, high-priced legal teams.

    It is very clear from everything I've read, and I have read everything I can lay my greedy hands on [might I interject a "bless the internet" here] that Fitz has very carefully crafted the way this case would play out.

    There is not one single doubt in my mind.  I am in utmost admiration as I've read every filing and seen the opposing counsel's retorts.  It had to be done this way, absolutely and on purpose.

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