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    Like others are going to believe YOU when you SAY that I don't use facts to reason with and they KNOW that I do use facts to argue with.

    What do people believe? Accusations that do not respect the known facts, or the known facts?

    Well, sometimes they do go with the gossip, that's true.

    But if YOU think that YOU have demonstrated a better grasp of the facts than I have, you are truly looney toons crazy.

    And, did you notice that most others did NOT call me trollish? Only those who have had THEIR flawed arguments demolished with my facts have done that - ratings abuse from people attacking a person and rating on retribution, instead of following the rules.

    That's what has happened - too bad that YOU are so oblivious to the fact that all YOU are doing is embarrassing YOURSELF by falsely claiming that I don't use facts all the time.

    Most people know the truth.

    And I doubt you are even fooling yourself! But if you are, you are delusional.

    ...but not your own facts.

    by slouise217 on Sun Apr 16, 2006 at 12:52:48 PM PDT

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