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  •  But will Clark run? (2+ / 0-)
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    cotterperson, John DE

    Clark's belated 2004 primary run made me leery. There's a lot about Clark which I like, even admire, but I have do not yet see him as a feasible candidate -- irrespective of what any poll may suggest. The issue here isn't Clark's positions or background, but whether 1.) can he build an effective organization capable of getting out the grass roots vote and 2.) is he truly committed to seeking the presidency?

    What I got from Clark in 2004, an impression which I continue to hold now while regularly checking his web site, is that he doesn't have the "fire in the belly" necessary to do what it takes to be elected President. Historically, those who seek civilian leadership roles after military careers have little taste for hardball politics; that has been the case with McCain -- although now he's selling his soul to get the GOP nomination (which really won't help much in terms of electability since the wingnuts he needs to win over the party faithful require positions which won't sell to the more moderate general electorate). Previous General-Presidents, from Washington to Grant to Eisenhower, had the job all but handed to them without having to personally play the political game. Nobody's going to give the nomination to Clark by default; he's going to have to go out and grab it. Hope he does, and there's still plenty of time, but these days it takes a hard two years of work -- the first year being largely organizational in nature -- to win the job. Carter, Reagan, Clinton and Bush II all had the pieces in place to make their runs. Kerry didn't.

    •  You Could Be Right, But... (0+ / 0-)

      You could be right, but actually Clark did have a pretty decent grass roots organization, with groups all over the country. But the Dean Organization was way out ahead in that.

      At that time, I was pro-Dean (as I still am), but a friend was very much involved in the Clark campaign at the local level, and sent me notices of "meet-ups" and various other sorts of Clark campaign activities.

      The establishment has put Dean out of the running through deceptive PR techniques. But if Dean came out in favor of Clark, who knows?

      Yes, I'm daydreaming. What Clark really needs, in addition to his excellent qualifications, is a huge pot of money for a winning campaign--and it's not clear how he can get that.

      But Dean almost made it....Maybe Clark can make it this time.

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