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  •  Joel Osteen is a Mental Midget (1+ / 0-)
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    with a trophy bride, his daddy's old congregation, a fancy new mega-church, and a snake oil salesman's philosophy.  

    Praise the Lord and pass the collection plate.  

    Problem is, he sends those poor people out into the world thinking he is giving them something and suggesting they need to vote for "family values."

    I missed the show today, but from all reports I am getting from people that saw it, he was on the bottom rung of the intellect ladder among that group they put him with. How did he get that gig in the first place?  He must have an agent that is trying to book him on national television so he can raise more money.  After all, any and all of the real preachers and pastors were tied up in church this weekend.

    •  I definitely got that sense (1+ / 0-)
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      Al Rodgers

      about him, but I had missed some it, and figured I shouldn't prejudge him.  To tell you the truth, I am getting to the point where I can read most of these people in the first couple minutes of hearing them, particularly if I can see the body language and the facial expressions.  He did make a point to say that his church was very inclusive, but he had that born again glow and glazed eyes, and I felt that he was trying to do a big sell, and cover for the fact that his religion and his politics were closely intertwined and probably rightwing.  His views of God as a loving God rather than a punishing God (like the one I grew up with) were in line with mine, but then he dodged a question about accountability for politicians and such, and I was disturbed by his response and evasion.  Anyway, I imagine he's got the big church with the rock star music and who knows what else.  But as I said, my opinion of him, at the moment, is based more on impressions than facts.

      Thanks for posting more info. about him.

      Proud Liberal and member of the Angry Left

      by joanneleon on Sun Apr 16, 2006 at 05:24:19 PM PDT

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