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  •  'even a moron' (0+ / 0-)

    If you want an example of the kind of ad hominem comments I was referring to, take a peek at the subthread a couple of lines up.

    We keep hearing about Bush's stupidity and drug use, Cheney's priapism, Rice's frigidity: this does not advance our cause.

    And here's a thing about ad hominems: they are extremely salient.  They tend to overwhelm other argumentation.  I admit I've made snide remarks about Bush's IQ, and (especially after learning about George Lakoff's take on Bush), I now regret it.

    Greg Shenaut

    •  And the Republicans don't use ad hominem attacks (0+ / 0-)

      in what campaign? Because I sure haven't seen one where they DIDN'T use them.

      Swiftboats, anyone? That had WHAT to do with the issues at hand?

      •  Of course they do, that wasn't my point (0+ / 0-)

        The poll indicated that roughly the same percentage of people who really voted for Kerry would still vote for him, but the number of Bush voters went down.  To me, this indicates that Kerry voters would still vote the same way, but basically no Bush voters would change to vote Kerry.  So, they are upset at how things are going, but they are blaming it on the individuals, not on the GOP and its program.  This focus on the individual rather than the program is an ad hominem focus, and my point was that as the opposition, we must move past this, because there are a lot of Republicans who want to be president.

        As it stands now, if a different Republican runs and manages to convince 2004 Bush voters that he or she will do a better job carrying out the Bush/Republican agenda than Bush did, they will win 51%-49% just like in 2004.  Our job is to convince people that no matter how good (or bad!) an individual presidential candidate may be, the Republican agenda will harm the nation; in other words, to move a critical chunk of ideological Republicans into the ideologically Democratic camp.  I just don't think that hammering on Bush's IQ & Cheney's trigger-happiness will help this process.

        Greg Shenaut

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