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View Diary: Former IL Republican Gov. Ryan Found Guilty On All Counts (210 comments)

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  •  I (sort of) agree. (0+ / 0-)

    I don't say that Ryan's a great guy or calculate his net evil or goodness.

    But I would ask that if you judge people according to the principle that "good does not offset corruption," would you also say that corruption does not offset good?  Why would one end of the spectrum of moral behavior have more weight than the other?

    Nixon did a lot of good things.  There aren't that many democrats now who would campaign on some of Nixon's policies because they'd be perceived as being too far to the left.

    I just don't agree in the simplification of people based on party, as though our thinking has to mimic 30-second campaign commercials.

    Democrats are often told that we need to appeal to the center.  The wrong way to do that is to change our principles.  The right way is to give credit where it's due.  It costs me nothing to say that I applaud Ryan for implementing a moratorium on the death penalty.  He gets my respect for that.  And Republicans now have to deal with the fact that a truly committed left-winger is showing respect for one of their own.  This feels to me like strength.

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