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View Diary: White House Egg roll: Another family's experience (187 comments)

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    celticshel, nonnie9999

    I am so very proud of you!

    I am glad you and yoru family were there to show that it's about protecting families with marriage, not protecting marriage from families!

    We would come with our son / daughter, but alas, that is a dream yet to be realized.

    And with the impending vote by the PA Legislature to add a "Marriage Protection Amendment" to our state, I doubt it is realistic at this point.  The current political climate scares me to the core when speaking of kids as a gay couple.

    The future with any family is scary, but when the state could come in and take your kids in the event of the death of a single partner, that is too much to risk!

    In any event, you know I read you already, and am all the more proud of you guys!  You are brave pioneers in a fight that needs a face.  

    Your family is that face!  And it's one of hope.

    Thank you!

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