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  •  Right Wing Hate Machine and Rwanda (22+ / 0-)

    How many of you have seen Hotel Rwanda (or the HBO mini-series equivalent), or simply know your history?

    Well, if so, you might remember that much of the genocide was spurred on by state-sponsored radio that called the "other" guys "cockroaches" that must be exterminated. This wasn't the beginning or the end of the violence, but it was influential in getting more and more people whipped up into the frenzy.

    I contend that the right wing hate radio/press of today, personified in its most vile and vindictive form by Savage, Coulter, Malkin, and Hannity (Rush is one cut below these guys, in my opinion) is basically the same thing. I don't know if they've directly called for the execution of liberals, but they have called for violence toward illegal immigrants. And who can forget Pat Robertson's calls for the assassination of Hugo Chavez (no friend of mine) and his comments regarding Ariel Sharon's stroke (not a fan of the guy's politics, but I wish him no ill personally). Of course, this can easily be coupled with all sorts of violence at abortion clinics (Eric Rudolph), and the 2nd worst terrorist action on American soil--the Oklahoma City Bombing.

    The radical right has begun to systematically engage in a campaign of violence against the rest of us, all the time wrapped in the <snark> "peace and love of the Christ" </snark>. More often than not, the violence in rhetorical, not physical, however, we in the middle and on the left must begin to fear for our safety. Personally, I am more worried about being killed by a rightwing American reactionary a. la. McVeigh than a radical Islamic terrorist. Then again, if Allah=God, then maybe they're really just the same thing.

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