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View Diary: The Thuggery of Michelle Malkin (386 comments)

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  •  Oh, and one more thing on (0+ / 0-)

    Hawkins is coming over here to Dailykos regularly, picking out the most inflammatory comments, then posting them there.  I'm not saying censor yourselves - hell no! - but just know that if you call Malkin a "slant-eyed bitch" or anything, he's gonna rapturously copy and paste it.  

    Honestly, I find that kind of talk abhorrent, so in a way, I don't care if he does that with obviously racist and mysoginystic posts - I say, call the fuckers out, big time, because racists and wannabe rapists are the gutter-dregs of society.  But the point is, Hawkins engages in this kind of thing, and I say:

    1. Let's never do that here, cutting and pasting the most execrable right-wing comments and saying every con is that way.
    1. Let's never let a bastard like Hawkins define who we are or scare us in any way.

    Peace out.

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