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View Diary: The Thuggery of Michelle Malkin (386 comments)

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  •  Picking the Scabs.... (0+ / 0-)

    As a former UCSC student, and a former person who corresponded with Ms. Malkin back in her days at the Seattle Times, this is just sick on so many levels.

    When did being a commentator mean picking at scabs? By this I mean once you find something that feels good, depsite its wrongness, you keep doing it until it becomes an this case she went from being Typical Right Wing Persona with the Gimmick to Siren of Weirdness and Encouraging Violence....

    I remember when she was at hte Times I'd email her on occaision because once in a while she'd write columns that were actually right on, in terms of sticking it to the corporate types and the fascist-like "quality of life" laws that were used to put down the homeless and small biz....she really wasn't that bad.

    But once she and her crew found she can make more money adding and heaping on the bullshit and the hate and stoke the fires of "kill anyone who dares oppose The Stalin" and whatnot, well now she's on a roll and ain't gonna stop for no one.

    Whatever. Time to pull the plug on these people. And remmeber, if your beloved Democrats take back the House, the Senate or God forbid, the Presidency their persecution complexes will be stoked and they will not stop unitl they impeach your president whoever, your speaker Pelosi, and every goddamned Democrat and progressive they can find.

    Be scared. Be ready. And don't forget these people are about greed and power. Once you do, you better be ready to kick the living shit out of them. and any snivelling liberal who wants to be "Right not win" should just sit down and shut the fuck up, while tougher people defend any gains we make.

    because otherwise they will rip you to shit. Just ask Bill Clinton. And Al Gore.

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