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  •  Saddam (none)
    Would have invaded Iran with or without Reagan's blessings.  He viewed the Ayatollah's as big or bigger threat than the US administration.  Thow in personal animosity bewtween Saddam and Kohmeni, the Shatt al Arab waterway and an Iranian sponsored assasination attempt on Tariq Aziz, and all the Reagan administration did was stretch out a short term rout into an 8 year standoff.

    Which, all this is really beside the point.  lazbumm made the claim that Iran had never launched an unprovoked attack on anyone, and I was merely correcting that.

    Saddam was merely a regional threat, and not a global threat.

    •  Okay... (none)
      I stand corrected.  I should've remembered that, but when we did the Iran-Iraq war in history, my teacher used it as an opportunity to rant about Reagan for 55 minutes.

      Born in '87 with a Hart for President button on!

      by teenagedallasdeaniac on Sat Mar 20, 2004 at 09:36:25 PM PST

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      •  A very muddled war (none)
        The 80-88 war was a very muddled mess. The Baaths were ideologically aligned with the Soviets, but the Reagan administration obviously couldn't openly side with the ayatollah regime. Iraq was mainly equipped with Soviet military hardware, while Iran was equipped with American military hardware left over from US support of the Shah. Early on the Soviets began resupplying Iraq, whereas the US was clandestinely resupplying Iran (Iran-Contra anyone?).

        Given the Reagan administration fears over Iranian control over Iraq's southern oil fields, they certainly didn't want Tehran to win, but also didn't want to see the Soviet backed Baaths to achieve victory. They were probably more than willing to play both sides of the fence, considering the massive toll that the war was imposing on both sides. The longer the war dragged on, the weaker both sides would be at the conclusion.

        A decent short history of the Iran Iraq war can be found here.

      •  Not quite yet . . . (none)
        Iraq invaded Iran in September 1980.  Reagan didn't become President until January 1981.  Seems probable that Reagan didn't have anything to do with Iraq invading . . . . unless his  running mate was involved in some secret negotiations at the time.  It has been rumored that he was doing a lot of talking to foreign heads of state during that time and possibly had some undisclosed ties with Saddam.
        •  Good catch (none)
          on the timeline.

          Since Saddam's preparations began long before Sept 1980, and the fact the two countries were involved in skirmishes as early as 1979, I doubt that Bush pere had much influence ovn the Sept '80 invasion.

          While you can't rule out influence from the Carter administration, that would appear to be very uncharacteristic of Carter.

          I think it's safe to say that Saddam was going to invade Iran with or without ANY U.S. approval.

          I might also add that there would be plenty to rant and rave over the Reagan administration's policies in regards to the Iran Iraq war once they took office.

          At any rate, all any of this does is establish that Saddam ws a REGIONAL, threat.

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