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  •  Missing the point and losing the war (none)
    The point is not to "convince" OBL; the point is to stop creating followers.  If justice is done at the same time, that is also a good in itself.  

    Why do 86 percent of Jordanians believe that suicide bombings by Palestinians against Israelis are justifiable?  Your hypothesis seems to be

    the dictators who rule Syria, Saudi Arabia and other repressive Arab states who find the Israeli-Palestinian conflict useful to divert the attention of their subjects away from their own failings and therefore don't really want a settlement of any kind. . .

    Is there a Jordanian state propaganda machine that is trying to "divert the attention of [its] subjects" by blathering about Israel? Hardly. The price of daily humiliation of Palestinians in the occupied territories is the murderous fury of 6 out of 7 Jordanians.  Other countries in the region

    President Bush: Weakness in Isolation.

    by C S McCrum on Sun Mar 21, 2004 at 12:09:50 PM PST

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