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  •  Hello Governor Warner (3+ / 0-)
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    Luam, oldjohnbrown, Elise

    I'm very glad to see that you are posting here at dkos. I'm considering supporting you in the primaries even though you are slightly more moderate than I am on several issues including "free" trade etc. I do like your easygoing personality though. Your sunny disposition has great appeal to me and I think that voters will want a fresh, optimistic vision in the next election.

    Given the challenges that we face and will face in 2008, the US is going to need a president that has similar traits as FDR. I'm not saying that you are FDR or capable of being FDR, but the next president whoever that may be, will need to present an optimistic vision in public, while at the same time, be ruthless behind the scenes to implement several changes in the government. We don't need an incrementalist, Governor Warner. We NEED a reformer. There will be many people by the year 2008 who will have lost considerable faith in government. The next president will need to restore confidence in government--just the way FDR did in the 1930s. I don't know if you share similar character traits as FDR, but I will be closely watching your campaign as well as the other Democratic primary candidates to see if you do.  

    I listened to your radio interview with Al Franken today and was troubled by a few things that you said. First, it sounded to me that you were a little uncomfortable and your responses seemed a little too cautious. I'm not sure if you're working with a media expert but I hope that you do in the coming months. I remember reading in Newsweek's post-2004 campaign stories that Kerry worked with some media people but he wasn't capable of learning the lessons that the media experts tried to teach him. I don't think that you'll have the same problem. From what I've read of your biography from a few articles, it appears that you learn quickly  and you are capable of learning from past mistakes. I hope that you become more comfortable with the media--radio, television and print.

    I was VERY disappointed with your interview with This Week's George S. a few months ago. The lack of candor and willingness to answer the questions was unacceptable to me. But given the fact that the interview was more than 2 years before the 1st primary, I let it slide. I just don't think that you were prepared for that media appearance. The interview concerned me b/c it demonstrated that you're not good at making off-the-cuff remarks. But that's ok. I think a media person could help you with that. Perhaps your communications director could help you develop talking points on ALL of the salient issues of the day? I'm not saying that you have to repeat the talking points for your townhall meetings (I rather like your speeches cha-ching) but just media appearances with George S., Chris Matthews and Tim Russert and especially any time you appear on the Fox News channel.

    The second thing that concerned me with your Al Franken appearance was your position on single payer healthcare. I know that you like Mitt Romney's plan in Massachusetts, but I just don't think that it will contain costs and middle class people will be priced out of the market. Besides, I think that Democrats should begin advocating that healthcare should not be tied to one's employment. I believe that Medicare should be extended to all individuals--most likely incrementally. For instance, Democrats in Congress have drafted legislation that would cover children and adults 55 and over. I think that could pass if we had a Democratic-controlled legislature and a president willing to sign the bill. I would hope that one of your campaign's main themes would be universal healthcare via Medicare for all. I'm very troubled that you just want to patch up the leaky sieve in healthcare instead of really fixing the healthcare problem in our country. I don't think the technology or individual mandates will do the trick. We need REAL healthcare reform that provides univeral access to healthcare as well as contain costs to make it affordable for all Americans.

    I hope that you don't think that I don't like you with all of my criticisms in this post. It's because I really do like you that I'm writing this post. I think that you're capable of being a very good candidate, but I don't believe that you've tapped into your full potential in the recent media appearances that I've seen/heard from you. I want to see the best Mark Warner campaign that you can present and I want you to do well in the primaries. I'm just VERY concerned that your current media style/presentation and some of your policy stands won't put you in the best position in the Democratic primaries. Good luck!!  

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