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    Ed in Montana

    It is very exciting to see Mark Warner getting involved here and his Texas Nate staffer.
    Al Gore and Mark Warner are my top picks for the Dem. nomination for 2008 (but I doubt that Gore will run).
    We live in Virginia and have been very impressed with Mark Warner. The bluegrass ad. rocked. Warner...he's for education...
    Warner would make an excellent president. In Virginia, he got results.
    However, I don't think that we need to point out Bush's failures because there are so many and they are so glaring. Bush has hurt America and we are really sick about it. We know about the failure, we want to hear about the future.
    What we need is to visulize good government and talk to America about what is right, and what is right is to think of your community and not just yourself.
    We have seen what happens when our president behaves like a CEO and acts solely in the interest of money and power with no concern for people in need. We are much more than this. We need a president who will serve, respect and lead his/her fellow Americans and inspire us to work together.

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