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View Diary: I'm looking forward to Yearly Kos in Las Vegas (256 comments)

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    I'll be there.

    A couple of things to think about in preparation. Remember the blogosphere isn't just an ATM. We are an ATM with an attitude, and we can rip your arm off if we think someone is grabbing for the money without explaining in detail why they are seeking higher office.

    Candidates for any office need to go way beyond their stump speeches (although vetting them with us is fine), and explain what they are going to do to help solve the critical problems of the day, like global warming, education, job outsourcing, immigration and the soaring national debt, to name a few.

    Also reserve a good portion of time to listen to the grassroots, at least as much or more than you might be speaking to them. We are pretty cynical about drive by sloganeering and fundraising. "Thanks and I will see ya'll in the White House" won't cut it with this crowd.

    We are the Jedi Knights of the Progressive Movement and we can't wait to hear what you have to say.

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