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View Diary: Mrs. Doolittle: Getting Much for Doing Little (Pombo Diaries #19) (21 comments)

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  •  Sacramento Bee has been running Doolittle stories (2+ / 0-)
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    Land of Enchantment, kurt

    ....on this subject of the Doolittles skimming 15% of the cream off the campaign donation milk and putting the butter in their own fridge. There was one yesterday, Friday.  A quote from Doolittle's chief of staff, Richard Robinson, who ..."thinks Maehara (head of Association of Fundraising Professionals) simply doesn't understand that commission based fundraising is not unusual. Such an arrangement is common in the political community because candidates want to ensure that fundraisers are only compensated for their performance. "
    Paulette Maehara wrote a complaint about this to Doolittle's office, saying the association had worked hard to eliminate this practice because it places the incentive on personal gain.

    Oh, I think she "gets it" just fine.  So do Doolittle's constitiuents who are not professional fundraisers, aka the lowly "taxpayers."  Julie Doolittle is certainly doing an excellent performance to be compensated nearly $180,000 since 2001, according to the San Diego Union Tribune article linked above.

    "Fundraising" is not unusual. Who is doing it, and how they are paid, and how it is taxed, sometimes is.

    Thank you for the diary, and thank you especially for mentioning Pombo in the same one.
    Doolittle and Pombo are connected thru their mutually enhanced endeavors to get the long defunct, impossible, and frightening Auburn project started again.  Pombo keeps trying to kill off the endangered species act and attempts to insert riders in various House bills that would change the criteria by which scientists do studies to determine feasibility.  If he were successful, then Doolittle, who has been pushing this dodo bird,  would have one more obstacle out of his way. I just can't figure out how Pombo is going to have the geologic fault the dam would rest on disapear. That is going to take some serious conjuring.

    •  Click on my username... (2+ / 0-)
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      fgentile, AmericanRiverCanyon

      ...and follow back to check out my earlier diaries on Pombo.  I've been posting about him since shortly after I first signed on last fall.  Environmental & Native American affairs are two of my main areas of experience.  So this naturally leads to House Resources, & Mr. Ostrich Cowboy Boots.

      Pombo & Doolittle both serve on that committee, and in fact worked in concert to carry Delay's water in the Hurwitz affair some years back.

      I fiddle around with photoshop, too.  Am thinking about a new "movie poster" based on a Laurel and Hardy short Another Fine Mess, with Pombo as Hardy & Doolittle as Laurel.  I've never tackled morphing faces before, am not sure how well it will work out yet.  One problem is that Pombo's face recognition is limited (he's almost never mentioned or interviewed on cable news, for example); Doolittle has even less.  And it still needs to be recognizable as Laurel & Hardy, too.

      And thanks to pico for the Pombo=Hardy suggestion.  It's brilliant!

      As to Auburn Dam & associated fault:  Perhaps this is another of the GOP faith-based initiatives.  The trouble with these things is that you can fight them off and win 100 times.  But if they succeed that 101st time, the 100 previous battles are lost, too.

      Noticing your user ID# of 85179, I assume you're new here.  So, welcome.  Look forward to more of your participation.

      •  I spend loads of... (2+ / 0-)
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        Land of Enchantment, kurt

        time in CA-04.  My family has 20 acres of vacation property in the Gold Country of Nevada County, CA.

        I am a hiker, back country skier and snow shoer who recreates heavily in Doolittle's district. Even do a little rowing on Lake Tahoe.

        It really sucks that such a wonderful area of our country is represented by such wingnuts, including the odius Jim Gibbons.

        My own candidate in NV-02,  Jill Derby will hopefully share that l o n g border with Charlie Brown. come January 2007!

        RE: Pombo's district CA-11

        Do you like the gerrymandering job?
        Notice the missing sliver between Manteca and Tracy. (Probably too many Latino Democratic voters)  And the sliver from Pleasanton to Danville.  (Lots of GOOPer subdivisions; his "kind" of people.)

        I want Pombo and Doolittle to be imprisoned for their crimes, not just lose electorally.

        •  The sad thing is, it was drawn... (1+ / 0-)
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 help Gary Condit keep his seat.  Of all things.  Condit's replacement, Cardoza (Dem), cosponsored that pernicious "modernization" of the Endangered Species Act.

          •  Appreciate the info... (0+ / 0-)

            I forgot about Condit. Hopefully McCloskey, a decent guy, will bloody Pombo enough for a Democratic takedown

            BTW, did you read jedinecny's diary on Jill Derby candidate for NV-02?  It was posted early this morning and got knocked down the list.  Sven is a German national who spent his HS years as a Lake Tahoe exchange student.

            I'm ten miles as the crow flies from the CA border west of Reno.  (CA-04)
            Its a shame Gibbons and Doolittle represent such diverse, wonderful areas
            Being a Sierra Club member and an a participant in human-powered recreation it chaps my butt to have those assholes (including Pombo) in office.

            I'm doing my bit as a Washoe County Demo. volunteer.

            And thanks for your past recommends!


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