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View Diary: Mrs. Doolittle: Getting Much for Doing Little (Pombo Diaries #19) (21 comments)

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  •  The sad thing is, it was drawn... (1+ / 0-)
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    fgentile help Gary Condit keep his seat.  Of all things.  Condit's replacement, Cardoza (Dem), cosponsored that pernicious "modernization" of the Endangered Species Act.

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      I forgot about Condit. Hopefully McCloskey, a decent guy, will bloody Pombo enough for a Democratic takedown

      BTW, did you read jedinecny's diary on Jill Derby candidate for NV-02?  It was posted early this morning and got knocked down the list.  Sven is a German national who spent his HS years as a Lake Tahoe exchange student.

      I'm ten miles as the crow flies from the CA border west of Reno.  (CA-04)
      Its a shame Gibbons and Doolittle represent such diverse, wonderful areas
      Being a Sierra Club member and an a participant in human-powered recreation it chaps my butt to have those assholes (including Pombo) in office.

      I'm doing my bit as a Washoe County Demo. volunteer.

      And thanks for your past recommends!


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