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    I joined the UCF orchestra in 1994, and played in it for 12 years... Verdi's Requiem was the first piece I played with the group, and I will always remember the first repetition with the soloists.
    I had never heard the piece before, and was discovering the solo parts.  When she started singing in that very silent moment (agnus dei?), it just took my breath away and I started crying... and I almost cry every time I think back on it!
    Since then, I have cried many times while playing, either from the joy of participating to great pieces of music (LOVED playing the Preludes by Liszt), or by the thought of not being able to play with a great conductor any more...  If you have the chance to live near Orlando, check out Laszlo Marosi conducting the UCF Symphonic Orchestra: he is a pleasure to follow, every single repetition, and he is the thing I miss the most from Florida.
    (on a side note, I am very "proud" that Verdi was a friend of my great-grandfather!)

    In any case, I am really happy that my parents forced me to play the violin when I was younger, though I hated it back then... It probably helped me survive at times when I was extremely depressed, so sometimes it is good to force children to do what they don't want!
    My own $.02, with no kid of my own.

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