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View Diary: Live-bloggin: Kerry at Faneuil Hall, Iraq, War & Dissent (272 comments)

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  •  Yes. (4+ / 0-)
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    Force their hand. It's the only way.

    •  That tough stance is already working IMO (3+ / 0-)

      Al Jafaari stepped down as PM, and they've named a new P.M.  Without pressure that troops would immediately pull out from the opposition party in America, it would have been easier for al Jafaari to stay stubborn.

      There are still many more steps that need to happen for the Iraqi government, but they need to realize that this is their country, and they need to get their act together and stop depending on an occupying army to prop them up instead of real popular support from the Iraqi people.  Democracy is not about a foreign military force having your back; it's about leading and gaining your own people's trust.  This is all up to the Iraqis now.  We need to leave.

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