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View Diary: Live-bloggin: Kerry at Faneuil Hall, Iraq, War & Dissent (272 comments)

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  •  Kerry's Speech Today Would've Sealed 2004 Election (0+ / 0-)
    ....In his favor.  Too bad it's 2006.  Before you troll rate, think back to the debates when everyone, Kerry included, was trying to box Dean & Kucinich in with the "so you're saying Saddam's capture doesn't make the world safer?" line lifted directly from Karl Rove's playbook.  It makes me sad to read this speech, only to know that nearly all of this speech, save the stuff about the NSA program, could have been said by exactly the same man who was our presidential candidate, but wasn't.  I know, enough dwelling on the past, great to hear someone of his political standing finally say what's right, which we've all known for some time, and were simply wishing our congressional leaders would say.  Our wish has come true, it's just odd how those wishes can take such a freaking long time to come to fruition.

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