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View Diary: Nukes and Iran: Flashback to 11 Years Ago Has Lessons for Today (17 comments)

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    I'm responding to you late but I wanted to thank you for your comments.

    I do not support Hizb Allah in any way shape or form.  But even if the attack in Buenos Aires and the rest were really tied to them, they pose a VERY minor military threat to Israel.  Clearly PIJ, Hamas, PFLP-GC and other groups are FAR more active in Israel.

    Going to war with Iran because it finances a group in Lebanon that very rarely attacks Israelis is insanity itself.  Saudi Arabia finances Palestinian groups far more than Iran does, so is Saudi Arabia a military threat to Israel?


    Night and day you can find me Flogging the Simian

    by Soj on Mon Apr 24, 2006 at 03:26:34 AM PDT

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      there are indications that some of the rocket attacks coming from Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank into Israel can be linked to Iran and Hezballah, so, in my opinion Hezballah has indeed shown itself to be a terrorist threat to Israel.  

      Concerning Iran and it's financing of different groups in lebanon that initself shows the standing of the regime, but I do agree with you that that is no excuse for going to war with Iran.  The nuclear program issue is a whole new ball game and i hope that it can be solved peacefully.  There are signs of hectic diplomacy not only within the UN, but also behind the scenary too between the US and Iran, but the reluctance of the Bush regime to engage in bilateral talks is slowing the process down.

      Still, knowing that the Iranian regime is, most likely, some years away from aquiering nuclear weapons if that is indeed their wish, the UN has got room for some more diplomatic manouvering before deciding more drastic actions.  That said, the thought of a new authorotharian and aggressive regime like the Iranian aquiering nuclear weapons makes me inclined to support the use of force if everything else is tried to no avail and the timetable for diplomatic manouvers are drastically shortened.  Mind you without the use of nuclear weapons.

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