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View Diary: No amnesty for Arnold, he's an "illegal alien" (128 comments)

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  •  how? how is the gov't going to (4+ / 0-)
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    identify "illegals"? How are they going to send them back? with which army? with which new laws? (we already have laws, they're not working) with which new gov't powers of surveillance and summary judgement and wiretapping etc?

    have more draconian laws worked to stem traffic in illegal drugs? are you willing to pay the price -- financial and otherwise -- for the changes to this country that would have to happen to actually, realistically, send all "illegals" back?

    also, please consider why both legal and illegal immigration has increased in recent years -- could it be -- as we predicted -- that trade agreements like NAFTA have spurred immigration because they have hurt, not helped other countries' workers, as well as hurting U.S. workers?

    please check out, "Immigrant Surge is Tied to the Failure of NAFTA: The trade agreement left rural and urban Mexicans worse off than they'd been," an op/ed in the Star-Tribune yesterday, via Common Dreams.

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