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View Diary: No amnesty for Arnold, he's an "illegal alien" (128 comments)

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  •  Call me a 'lurker' (0+ / 0-)

    And no, I don't buy blind categorization of everything into right-wing/left-wing. Only a lazy mind, unwilling to accept an idea that goes againt his opinion would reject opposing viewpoints on that basis.

    It's like when I used to post links from NYT in 2003 disputing right wing claims of Saddam-AlQaeda connection and they'd dismiss the NYT link as "liberal propaganda" without bothering to read and absorb the content.

    •  Who is promoting this? (0+ / 0-)

      Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, the Minutemen, and their Neo-Nazi allies. If that is not right-wing, then I want to know what is.

      •  And on the other side (0+ / 0-)

        Bush promotes amnesty. What more could i say?

        And by the way, I really like Lou Dobbs. I wish there were more in the media who'd take a firm stand like him for the sake of American middle class.

        •  Fine. (0+ / 0-)

          But supporting the American middle class and treating immigrants humanely are not mutually exculsive. That is something Rush wants you to think.

          •  I don't listen to Rush... (0+ / 0-)

            ..thank you very much.

            My thoughts are my own. And those thoughts are along the lines of improving the lives of poor in their own countries, getting them up and running in their own country without them having to illegaly cross borders.

            How does that proverb go? Help the person for life rather than give charity one time...

            •  Maybe. (1+ / 0-)
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              But you don't have to listen to Rush to buy into his memes.

              But we finally agree on something -- doing what we can to help the poor in their own countries. I think we could do a lot of good by hiring and training 10,000 people with the right education and background to do just that. And I would create Microcredit lending programs and get rid of NAFTA, CAFTA, and the China Agreement as well.

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