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View Diary: Blogger Makes Joe Klein Take Back Nuking Iran "Option"--Or Did He? DIGBY/STARK UPDATE (52 comments)

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    It would be good the next time someone says - hey you sound like a CRAAAAAZZY liberal blogger - to answer - that's funny you sound like all you do is listen to Rush or you sound like a corporate media lackey - oops, that's what you are, Joe...

    I want to add that this reminds me of Nixon trying to convince the Vietnamese he was crazy enough to use the Abomb - so they better do what we told them.

    The prior diary by the 12 physicists advising Bush that even putting the nuclear option on the table is insane - and invites even higher stakes when we should be trying to defuse an inflammatory situation was right on. People who have too much to lose (that would be US) need to not sound as crazy as those with little to lose (that would be poor desperate people who support crazy power-hungry Islamic fundamentalists)

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