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View Diary: Estate tax: a GREAT issue for Southern progressives (26 comments)

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    Southerners consider any "tax" to be theft by the state, whether it's income tax, social security tax, sales tax or estate taxes. So telling them the Dems will keep the estate tax in place is telling them the govt will continue to steal from them if you elect the Democrats.
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      esquimaux, CSI Bentonville

      Not if you frame it that the super rich are not paying their fair share--this means the burden falls unfairly on the working man--the southern working man--and woman--and child.  Put another way, the rich are writing laws to screw the average man.

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      shergald, CSI Bentonville

      There is an assumption that Southerners are libertarian in outlook, largely because of the dominant position on guns.

      But on most economic issues, Southerners are populists. For example, the Pew poll I cite above -- which showed that 47% of all "populists" in the country live in the South -- showed that populists had these characteristics:

      -- Only 25% percent of "populists" want to make the Bush tax cuts permanent (second lowest only to "liberals")
      -- 31% percent that think businesses make a fair profit (the lowest of all political types)
      -- 42% percent that think "free trade" agreements are good for the country (lowest)
      -- 91% percent that favor increasing the minimum wage (second highest to liberals)

      Using a different topology, the greatest share of Southerners would identify as "pro-government conservatives," meaning they understand the importance of investing in (efficient) government.

      Blogging for a Progressive South //

      by ProgressiveSouth on Wed Apr 26, 2006 at 08:33:35 AM PDT

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