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View Diary: MT-Sen: Okay, the Morrison scandal IS serious (114 comments)

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    to prove that the difference isn't the party affiliation. Republicans and Democrats are equally tempted by power and opportunity, and equally likely to fail. The difference is how we respond. Republicans have responded to their scandals by saying, variously, "it's not a big deal", "they do it too", and "quick, look, is that a purple elephant over there?".

    We have an opportunity to respond, as we have here by posting the truth, by being honest about the scope and severity of the matter, and being swift and unremitting in our condemnation of hypocrisy. Quite frankly, we missed that opportunity with Clinton. True, his was "only" a sexual daliance, not treason, but the moment we start making excuses, we lose credibility. For whatever fascinating reason, we're living in an age of puritanical and idealistic expectations for our politicians. Right or wrong, it's reality today, and before we can do anything to change it, we have to operate in that environment. That means holding our political leaders to a higher standard of personal conduct, and holding ourselves to a higher standard of consistency in condemning hypocrisy.

    Thanks, Kos, for posting honestly on this.

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