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  •  What does it say? (1+ / 0-)
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    What does it say about the whole idea of a country when those who are pledging to live by our laws can't be bothered to learn our language?

    It says we're fun people who enjoy the welter of voices and the symphony of culture being played in our midst, that we're not uptight prigs and arrogant pricks, that we get this whole diversity thing and that mishmash has is the national dish.

    Just out of curiosity, did the whites conduct the first talks with indigenous people here in Algonquin? Or did they eventually get tired of pointing and grunting and go get some native people they could teach English to so they wouldn't have to bother?

    Man, you must detest Gershwin.

    Oh, and as for the hypothetical about emigrating to Germany and not learning German ... my guess is it's either stupidity or stubbornness that would cause a person to do that. My money guess is, given those two traits, is that we're talking about an American.

    •  Ay, yai yai.... (0+ / 0-)

      Don't even start about "diversity". When I lived in MA, there was something on the news, wherein they spoke to a Hispanic family and their white neighbors. The Hispanic mother said (through an interpreter, of course," "Our kids can't even go outside to play without the neighbors complaining." I'm not made of stone and I felt sympathy for her family. But I also felt sympathy for the neighbor, who said, "The ones who're so big on diversity don't live next to a house with 11 people in it." Would YOU care ot live next to such a house? I wouldn't. It's hard enough to get to sleep with the 5 20-somethings renting the house next door. Can't wait until summer and block parties and the like.

      What's Gershwin got to do with anything?

      Oh, only Americans are stupid and stubborn?

    •  I know (0+ / 0-)

      many, many Candaian and American ex pats in Mexico who live here year round and barely speak a word of Spanish, and some have been here ten years or more.

    •  See also: Tower of Babel (n/t) (0+ / 0-)

      Don't you get it yet? It's not incompetence. It's been the plan all along to destroy America.

      by voltayre on Fri Apr 28, 2006 at 04:35:51 PM PDT

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