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  •  Ethics Complaints still NEED to be filed (6+ / 0-)
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    Creosote, MJB, Dallasdoc, gmb, Annalize5, Overseas

    My comment from your last post---

    Did you file an ETHICS COMPLAINT?

    I received 220 recommendations for this comment!
    And this comment was posted ALL over the internet. I was shocked when I heard from people that they had read my comment on blogs all over the place.

    I know this has been a busy week, you are working really hard and just back from "vacation" BUT....

    Having met Chris Bell, I admire him a lot. He was the last congressman to file an ethics complaint. He lost his seat due to the Delay redistricting.

    So you have a bunch of Congressman who are lawyering up and spending their campaign money to feed their legal teams and do you let them go down using the law OR do you file ethic complaints on each and everyone who is dirty..... file on ALL of them at one time.... and push that anchor over the side of the boat to sink the whole party?

    Yes I know Dems are the minority party, I know they do not chair any of the committees and and and .... But there are things that can be done....

    Please consider this....
    If you build it.... they will come....
    WE are hungry for backbone, we get "all a twitter" when we see a peak of a backbone...
    If you stand strong againt their corruption the grassroots will have your back... At least I will be there!

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