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    Why bother posting comments here? Mrs. Pelosi doesn't respond to them, which is NOT what this FORUM is all about (in my opinion.)

    It's funny; yesterday, I sat and watched her speak to a bunch of her staffer's and Reuters'(I think) employees' children for almost an hour. She was both interactive and responsive. Also, she was as brilliant as she was dignified.

    Too bad none of those kids can vote!

    Anyway, I'm gonna lay down this code:

    Purple monkey jellyfish

    If Mrs. Pelosi does in fact read these comments, I ask that she please title a reply with the code. Otherwise, I would suggest that you use direct mail next time!

    I still love you, Mrs. Pelosi; but this really bugs me!


    "Let's put a shoe in there!" ~ Haywood Nelson

    by nowheredesign on Fri Apr 28, 2006 at 06:35:57 PM PDT

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