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  •  KEEP UP THEGOOD WORK! (0+ / 0-)

    You are doing one hell of a good job, in speaking out and fighting back, and if you were in my district you would certainly have my vote. Some way or another, the Republicans will pay for their "culture of corruption."

    •   Some way or another, Republicans will pay... (0+ / 0-)

       it's a Republican culture of corruption for which you hope those Republicans will pay for one way or another ?

       For a Blue Generalist, you're being too specific for my likes in describing it as the Republican culture of corruption; but I bet N Pelosi appreciates your blind-spot.

       If we have to depend on Nancy Pelosi, here is how the Republicans shall "pay for ' their culture of corruption ' " : then run out of steam; slow down from the drag of gravity; tucker out, and finally have to slump over from the exhaustion of such an uninterrupted and unimpeded run of corruption.

       Then they'll lose a few key races here and there and their formal majority shall become only a de facto nominal one, patched together through the cooperation of Democrats so very much like them.  

       But the real and very dangerous fundamental dysfunctions of our political system shall not have been addressed or amended in one single tiny iota.

       And as long as you and people like you are so lost as to write, "KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!" the nation is going to continue on its way to political and economic disaster.

       Nancy's counting on being able at that point to step in and offer a hand.  The most cynical and cruelly treacherous self-serving behavior I can imagine--after what the Republicans are doing.

       She has absolutely unbounded nerve--or her legislative assistant who writes her blog diaries here has either infinite nerve or infinite stupidity to have chosen as a title,

       "Not on our watch"

       It's like hurriedly assembling an awards ceremony aboard the Titanic for Captain Ismay for outstanding seamanship in the last minutes before the ship goes down.

       Yeah, ON YOUR "WATCH" Bush et al did incalculable harm to the pitiful remains of a so-called free and democratic nation.

      "All life is problem-solving." (book title) --Karl Popper

      by proximity1 on Sat Apr 29, 2006 at 11:05:21 AM PDT

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      •  without votes (0+ / 0-)

        I agree with the premise of your comment.  Of course the democrats have stood idly by while the culture of corruption continues unabated. You forget one very important point that I should have mentioned , the democrats do not have enough votes to carry out their agenda and the House cleaning that is desperately needed.  If democrats had enough votes, Bush would not be in office. MY comment is based on Pelosi's fight to be heard, while the Republicans block any amendments or bills that would bring the law back to the House.  The only method we have now for justice is that the  corruption investigation continues and indictments are handed out. Come November, the people will demonstrate the power of the vote and throw the Republican bums out. Then we can see a restoration of balance of power in the Congress as we begin to investigate the Republicans. I would like them to start with Iraq and how the Administration manipulated intelligence to start the war. Being a veteran , I want to see justice for the dead soldiers. I know we can never undo the damage or bring them back, but they need to be honored for their sacrifice inspite for this god damn war.

        •   I'm pleased that we share some common ground on (0+ / 0-)

          the "more-than-just-the-Republicans" matter.  That is certainly not intended to minimize or excuse their culpability.

           But I disagree where you argue that Dems simply couldn't do or be expected to do much as the minority party.

          Bush served an entire term and did tremendous harm in that time as we know and agree. Then there was an election; the Dems missed it.  They failed to do then what they had to do: communicate effectively to the American people what has been going on.

           And, this is not only an election-time matter.  Whether minority or not, their repsponsibility is to constantly press the case against this president before the American public.  The Republican majority controls the Congress, not the entire gamut of the nation's press.  The fact is that throughout most of the Bush tenure--until his policies were such open disasters that it was impossible to ignore or hide them--the Democrats behaved as though they were hiding under the dining room table, shaking in deathly fear of this man.

          To congratulate their supposed fighting spirit now, after Bush has wrecked havoc on the nation with NO EFFECTIVE opposition and in many instances the active cooperation of many Democrats, only now that is "safe" to do so, is, to me, neither wise nor fair nor cognizant of the fact that they did nothing less than sacrifice the vulnerable American public to the ravages of Bush's administration--and all to preserve their precious hides.

           Really, I don't wish to be unkind, but here I think your position fails utterly to hold your own party to account--precisely the thing which we so desperately need to encourage Republicans to do with regard to their party.

          And that holding to account is THE most fundamental political responsibility of the public.  Without it, there is no democracy and no meaning or purpose to the going through the motions of one.

          "All life is problem-solving." (book title) --Karl Popper

          by proximity1 on Sat Apr 29, 2006 at 01:41:56 PM PDT

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