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View Diary: Students Vandalize Recruiting Office (action pics and poll) (90 comments)

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  •  I'm a practical guy (5+ / 0-)

    I ask what are my goals, and will my actions help this goal.

    I'm human, I dont always get it right, but I dont think these kid's actions are really going to help their goal.

    1. All they've done is present the recruiters (and by extension the Army) in a sympathetic light. If their goal was to do the opposite, they failed IMO.
    1. Doing something merely to say you did something is about the most meaningless thing you can do. Wouldnt their time have been better spent, oh I dont know, protesting when the recruiters show up to recruit their local high school? Perhaps standing silently with tshirts and signs when the recruiters come into the school to recruit? Point is, there were a lot better ways to accomplish their goal.

    And vandalism is just wrong. Civil disobediance is a sit-in, or a refusal to move, or using your voice. It aint vandalism.

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