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View Diary: Re-Improved Colbert transcript (now with complete text of Colbert-Thomas video!) (207 comments)

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    When I woke up this morning, and saw the video clip of Colbert's speech to the correspondents' dinner, I was absolutely floored.  That somebody, somewhere, on a TV show that can be seen everywhere, looked straight into the face of George Bush, in front of a roomful of the tame and captive press (who have "ooh'd" and "aah'd" at the fine clothes of the President as his nekkid pecker waved in the breeze) and told him "you sir, are shameful" is inspirational.  

    Clearly the reason the Washington Press Corps was so quiet is because it's hard to laugh when someone looks you in the eye and says "you are a whore", no matter how funny he is when he says it.  But I guarantee that many of the poor excuses for a free press that were sitting in the audience with their hands over their mouths will be thinking about Colbert's comments when they're lying in bed tonight.  And tomorrow.

    Two things:  I really hope that someone has the time to catalogue the comments from the right-wing radio talk shows tomorrow when they get to this topic.  You know they're going to have to say something.  I'm guessing it'll be mostly "Colbert bombed" or "he made a fool of himself", but gasbags like Bill Bennett will just have to go further.  They will not allow Colbert to get away with firing off a fungoo to Justice Scalia.

    Second, I scoured the internet looking for an email address for Colbert or his producers or anyone at his show.  I have to send a letter of thanks.  I'm not a big TV viewer, and I don't even subscribe to cable.  If there's something I want to see I nick it off the internet via bittorrent.  But I think I'm willing to sign up for cable if only to show support for Colbert (and Jon Stewart).  

    Stephen Colbert has released a lot of pressure that's been building behind my eyes these last 5 years.  He deserves a lot of credit.

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