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View Diary: Re-Improved Colbert transcript (now with complete text of Colbert-Thomas video!) (207 comments)

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  •  You need to watch it more than once ... (16+ / 0-)

      I've watched Stephen's monologue three times (I recorded it) and each time I watch it I appreciate his talent and brilliance more.  I watched it live and while the material was brilliant, I was mostly stunned at what he was saying and that he was full-on looking and pointing directly at the President as he was saying it!  Besides stunned, I was actually feeling a bit bad for Stephen since the audience was clearly not amused and appeared to be sending him death rays with their eyes (Bush included).  

    Watching it a second time, I got past the palpable tension in the room and was even more blown away by the uber-clever, damning but oh so funny material and Stephen's unwavering, deadpan delivery.   He said so much in such a short time and every nuance, every gesture, every aspect of his delivery was perfect comical, satirical genius.    

    But the third time, OMFG, Stephen is a gift to all of us. No one, and I mean no one, could have done what he did.  His courage and conviction is to be treasured.  He seized upon a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use his brilliant, unique talent to send a loud and harsh message directly to those who needed to hear it most.  

    Sadly, as expected, the MSM is barely reporting it, but that’s okay because Bush and the MSM heard every painful, truthful word.

    Stephen Colbert, I send you lots of love rays.  

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