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View Diary: Call Out the National Guard: May 1-3, 1970, at Kent State (45 comments)

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  •  Precisely (2+ / 0-)
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    hoolia, Friend of the court

    I am really afraid that we are going to see something very similar to Kent State in the near future.

    what I am afraid of.

    I have stood on this spot:

    and to this day, I cannot describe to you what I felt. I'm gonna rip from a comment of mine in another diary:

     * [new] CSN&Y 'Ohio' (13+ / 0-)

    will be the sixth song played after the top five, following which, a live PSA for a local church dealing with the National Day of Prayer will be presented. In context.
    Need audio. I have a little bit, but I'll take all I can get.
    Wingnut boss and I set up the music over time - I'm a corporate import to this radio station, which was rock until it changed to oldies when the corporation I work for bought it. I know the oldies a little better than he does; this is the fourth oldies station on my resume. I spent most of my 20s doing oldies. So as we were finetuning the rotations, he would occasionally ask me what year a song was as we were brainstorming, so we could determine what category it was in. If a song came out in 1970, I'd tell him, "Okay, 1970. Let me look and see what month. If it was before May, it's a SIXTIES song."
    Because the seventies began - no, wait. The sixties ended on May 4th, 1970. That's when you started seeing stuff like the Carpenters "Close To You" replacing stuff like Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth."
    It was the day idealism, a belief in peace, and the courage to take a stand for what is right,was shown the face of death.
    It was the day citizen soldiers turned their guns on America's children.
    It must never happen again.

    And I'd have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for those meddling kids.(-8.50\-7.13)

    by kestrel9000 on Sun Apr 30, 2006 at 03:28:33 PM PDT

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    •  I have stood there, too (3+ / 0-)
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      B Rubble, hoolia, Friend of the court

      More than once. The hardest time was standing there with Jeff's mother.

      BTW, whenever someone posts that picture, I feel compelled to add this one, a photo of Jeff taken on Saturday night and sent to his mother by one of his friends after the shootings.

      I want everyone to remember/think of him as a living being rather than this iconic person lying dead in the roadway.

      We need not stride resolutely towards catastrophe, merely because those are the marching orders. -- Noam Chomsky

      by kainah on Sun Apr 30, 2006 at 03:50:59 PM PDT

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