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View Diary: Sigh... Sierra Club still trying to justify Chafee endorsement (219 comments)

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    Lokiloki  -- I consider myself an environmentalist, and of course did everything possible to defeat Nader -- you totally misread the issue.

    Dems are weak because they have been too fearful about standing up for their core beliefs.  

    Republican lite won't win elections.  I think we have seen that again and again.

    The exciting about the progressive movement is that after 2004, when some dems were in dispair, and consultants were planning business as usual, a group of us said hell no!  We will find a better way.

    That way starts with clear positions, and defending these positions.  One of these is that our issues are not silo's-- i.e. environmental, racial, economic, gender etc-- our issues are the core elements that bind all these together:  respect for people, committment to the common good, and responsible stewardship.  You can argue all you want about Chaffee, but his overall impact on America has been to hurt the common good, due to his inability to stand up to extremism in his party.

    Rather than hang on to the old idea of republican lite, we say that you cannot work for the common good in the republican party today, and therefore any democrat is a better environmental steward than Chaffee.

    "Ah, what an age it is when to speak of trees is almost a crime for it is a kind of silence about injustice" (Brecht)

    by tsackton on Mon May 01, 2006 at 12:27:26 PM PDT

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    •  I appreciate (6+ / 0-)
      the tone and tenor of your remarks, but you can't honestly say that any Democrat is better than Chafee, can you?

      Look, Whitehouse might be better than Chafee--I'd vote for Whitehouse if I lived in Rhode Island--but I've posted here and at mydd that at least 10% of both the House and Senate Democratic Caucuses have worse environmental voting records than Chafee.  36 House Democrats voted for the Pombo amendment that would gut the Endangered Species Act--quite frankly, these are not Democrats I want to say represent the Democratic view on the environment.

      If you think the Pombo bill, which Chafee is preventing from being considered by the neanderthal Republican Senate, is okay, and the Dems who voted for it are better on this issue than Chafee, then I guess we just have a different idea of what the Democratic position on the environment should be.

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