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View Diary: Sigh... Sierra Club still trying to justify Chafee endorsement (219 comments)

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  •  I was talking about a Congresional race (0+ / 0-)

    Sierra has rules on this, so if I am mistaken, please provide a link or text to the Sierra rules.

    And for RickWn and other Sierran's out there, please reply to the other basic points I made about favoring incumbents (challengers have a heavy, alomst insurmountable burden) and "moderate" republicans.

    Both endorsement strategies are imposed by the National, and both don't come from the Grass roots (Groups)or even State Chapters.

    And of course these endorsement criteria
    have ZERO to do with the individual cnadidate, which destroys tjhe fig leaf that the endorsemetn goes to teh "best" envrionmental supporter/candidate.

    •  Reply from Sierra Club on local endorsements (0+ / 0-)

      This is what I received in reply to my question to Sierra Club about how local endorsements are made:

      Our federal endorsements are a 2-step process that begin at the local level.  Local and statewide elections are handled at the chapter and group
      level. I've copied the Illinois chapter on this email so that they may better address your question and direct you to the right folks about becoming more involved.

      Thank you for your interest in the Sierra Club's political work.

      Political Desk

      •  Sierra Structure (0+ / 0-)

        National Board/National staff/National Committees. Members elected the board who oversees the staff.

        Regional Offices have staff (perhaps they were eliminated recently?)that report to National.

        State Chapter's have State level Executive Committees that govern their state chapters.

        Within State Chapter's there are local Groups.

        Congressional candidates are endorsed by the State Chapter. The State CHapter typically has a state level process between their Executive Committee, Groups adn volunteers/members to recommend and endorsement. The State Chapter must receive approval of the National Political Committee for any endorsement - National wields a veto.

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