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View Diary: Sigh... Sierra Club still trying to justify Chafee endorsement (219 comments)

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    Trolling is a sad reality of internet life. Most trolls tend to be blatant, posting comments or diaries that are clearly intended to provoke an angry response. Other trollish messages are posted simply to disrupt the conversation in a diary. Directly replying to the content of a trollish message is usually a waste of time; trolls tend not to be interested in actual debate. There are two methods in wide use to help keep the community as troll-free as possible. The first is troll-rating comments. Trusted Users (see above) can give comments a rating of troll. If a comment has been rated by two or more users, and there are more troll ratings than recommends, then that comment (and all replies to it) are automatically hidden. Hidden comments and their responses can only be seen by Trusted Users. Unfortunately, there is no similar mechanism for hiding trollish diaries. Instead of writing detailed rebuttals of whatever claims or argument the troll is making, the standard response to a troll diary is to post comments containing recipes for tasty dishes. Plenty of examples can be found in the Troll Diary tag. An entire cookbook of recipes has been collected and is being sold as a fundraiser.

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