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    I have three: a .410 shotgun I received when I was 12, and .22 rifle (single shot from the 1920s), and .243 "Varmint Master" my dad made for me.  None of which are with me in the my mom's house, and will probably remain there for years to come.  I was raised with guns...we went to the range for fun during the summer while growing up.  To be honest, it was just nice to be out with my dad and brother doing something together.  My father now collects pre-WWII bolt action rifles and he builds/refurbishes guns as a hobby.  He carves the wood stocks and usually starts with the barrel and action of an old Turkish or German rifle.

    I have never and will probably never hunt, but have family members and friends that would be considered "sportsmen."  Most folks that grow up in a city see only one purpose for guns: crime.  Those of us that grew up with them in a different environment, see it differently.  I echo Howard Dean's thoughts on this: regional gun measures are the best path.  What will work in Los Angeles probably will not be the right thing for rural Vermont.  It is remarkable to see some of the gun legislation that gets written...some of it obviously by people that don't know a thing about guns.  Folks that write these proposed laws really need to consult with real gun owners to make sure the ideas will 1) work and 2) make sense. Cooperation is key for both sides to agree on how to move forward.

    Don't confuse my efficiency for laziness.

    by Mote Dai on Tue May 02, 2006 at 02:37:55 PM PDT

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