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View Diary: Do you own a gun? (poll/inspired by devilstower on Pombo) (141 comments)

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  •  I certainly (0+ / 0-)

    would be a very happy person if it never did.  Sometimes action isn't as important as the threat of action.  Besides, I'm no Patrick Swayze.

    I should also mention that we are still quite far from any need for violence.  Our democratic institutions are still functioning (though some might argue imperfectly), and through them we find our best chance to secure our future.  I wonder though if you are shocked at how rapidly they have been threatened?

    Also, this is not 1930's Germany.  While my profession makes me very portable, I cannot just leave.  I cannot leave the most fearsome nuclear arsenal on the planet to a bunch of zealots.  What would you do to keep them from using it?  How far would you go?  Or are you already resigned to defeat if they "win" at the ballot box (even the Saddam had elections!)?

    •  Pretty much resigned to defeat to be honest. (0+ / 0-)

      If they win again, I'm going to start looking for a home and a job in another country. I don't see any hope left if that happens.

      •  And (0+ / 0-)

        when they "praise the lord and let the eagles fly"?  I don't believe that Bush is a Christian for a moment.  Not that I don't think his actions are very Christian, rather I don't believe that he really believes.  It looks too staged and is abandoned too quickly when monetary interests arise.

        BUT he does reveal a lot about what this country is willing to accept.  What happens when someone who really is crazy (as opposed to just evil) gets into office?  When someone who thinks that he/she has been elected to facilitate the apocolypse?  If you listen to the idiots around Bush, they are certainly there, waiting.  If we don't nip this in the bud, sooner or later one will have their finger on the button.  

        Sure, there's a difference between claiming they'll do it, and actually ending civilization as we known it.  But that's a hell of a risk to take.  And it isn't one that we can run away from (at least not yet!).

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