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View Diary: Can Lance Be The Bono of the Cancer World - May 8 SI Cover Story (12 comments)

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    is the planet.

    I admire most people who campaign for cancer but I think its small thinking on the part of Sports Illustrated if they think that cancer resides only in the USA. So while I think Lance Armstrong does good work I very much doubt if the billions in Asia and India who  are dying from cancer from pesticides and polluted water have ever heard of him.  

    For that matter,I doubt many of the scientists who are involved in some incredible advances in research coming out of universities the world over have heard of him either.

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      But those folks haven't heard of many of the people who fight for them either.

      And, I think you have a point on the global scale.  I can't help but wonder about that.  With Armstrong's worldwide popularity (I think I read somewhere that only about 30 million of those 60 million wristbands were sold in the U.S.) I bet he gets pulled into being more of an international symbol - like Bono.

      I guess you have to start somewhere though.

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