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  •  Hey. (0+ / 0-)

    You pulled your diary.  That is the last thing I wanted.

    That said, it's more a late night, early morning kind of topic.  You want attention during the day- "Colbert is an Idiot!".  I think this should be talked about, otherwise I wouldn't have written it up.  I think you have a unique perspective and would like to hear more.

    I am done with my ignorant monkey dance, I thought it funny that you went up (#1) at the same time I was closing this diary out.  I think the community would benefit from a statement of how these standards were arrived at.  I think the Malkin participation angle is a sexy hook.

    Please tell me more.

    •  its ok (0+ / 0-)

      the search function is seriously goofy sometimes here. Had I seen this diary I wouldnt have posted mine. I did my bit to recommend this one though :)

      the story basically is that a large group of bloggers were contacted by Josh Trevino and we hammered out the draft. It was an iterative process. Malkin and several others had some suggestions and Josh incorporated them as best he could.

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