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View Diary: "They Just Started Shooting Us Down" -- Kent State (305 comments)

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  •  can you contact me by private email? (5+ / 0-)

    Donna -- I would really like to "talk" with you privately. My email is in my profile. (Hi, Homeland Security!!)

    I know about Elaine's phone call getting through to Jeff's house -- and how odd that is -- if that's what you mean about "what happened after Jeff was killed." But I'd be very interested in knowing more. Anything more about Jeff, always.....

    Also, I talked to a person who worked at the Kodak processing lab in Findlay, OH on May 4. They did something like 80% of the processing in the US at that point and he told me that they were given instructions that any photos that came in that looked REMOTELY like they had anything to do with Kent were to be turned over to the office. He always assumed they went to the FBI.

    I think, clearly, there had to be a signal or a decision. Otherwise, it's impossible that all those guys could have pivoted and fired. I've always suspected that a signal doesn't show in photos because there are no photos (we've seen) from in front of the guard.

    Anyway, please, please send me a private email. And thanks for your correction. I will remember it in the future.

    We need not stride resolutely towards catastrophe, merely because those are the marching orders. -- Noam Chomsky

    by kainah on Wed May 03, 2006 at 05:33:45 PM PDT

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